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Wireless charger alarm clock with USB port and night-light

10 W wireless charging 5V 1A USB port Screen: 3 levels brightness Night-light: 3 Levels brightness
$33.99 $18.99

3" Red LED screen digital alarm clock

Big screen 2 x USB port Night-light
$45.00 $30.00

Fabric LED alarm clock

Snooze LED Display Table Digital Alarm Clock with 7 Color Change Glowing Wake Up LED Light

LED dIgital alarm clock with USB Charging Port

This digital clock with 1'' red LED display, 1A USB charging port, and easy to operation.

New multifunctional electronic clock with wireless charging 1.8-inch display, large screen alarm clock with adjustable volume

Multifunctional creative electronic clock With USB port, can charge mobile phone

2020 Amazon Portable mini 250ml auto handheld cordless electrostatic fogger generator aerosol disinfection sprayer

1. Salt + water electrolytic sodium hypochlorite = 84 disinfectant 2. Self-made disinfectant is safe and harmless,Sterilization rate reaches 99.99% 3. Efficient sterilization, only 8 minutes 4. One-button switch, simple operation, automatic power off after work 5. USB connection, 250ml small capacity portable model, can be carried around 6. Pressing nozzle, uniform atomization effect

2020 New Design Desk Table Big Red Screen LED Digital Swivel Alarm Clock

1. Jombo 1.8 inch Red Display 2. 12 hour time format 3. Alarm and 9 minutes snooze 4. 90° swivel case 5. Dimension: 144 X 45 X 87 mm 6. Require 1 X 9V battery as back up (Not included) 7. Input is 120V AC Powered
$25.00 $15.00

China room portable mini handheld cell phone box led light sterilization UV sterilizer with wireless charging

Feature (1) Sanitization: Kill up to 99.9% for your non-washable personal items in 18-30 minutes (2) Fragrance Diffuser: Add a droplet of liquid fragrance (not included), diffuse pleasant scent for your items while sanitizing. 1. Sterilization: Kill up to 99.9% in 18-30 minutes. 2. This is not only a Sterilizater is also a 15W Fast Wirless Charger.  3. It's also a Fragrance Diffuser: Add a droplet of liquid fragrance (not included), diffuse pleasant scent while sterilizate.  4. Sterilization and Wireless Charging can be used at the same time. 5. Can be widely used in mobile phones, watches, headphones, jewelry and other small items.  6. A small size sterilizator, easy to carry, you can put it in living room, bathroom, car or anywhere you want.

2020 multi function usb powered portable electric portable UV led mosquito trap killer lamp

1. DC 5V power supply 2. Power 5W 3. 4 402nm purple lights 4. Closed box packaging

1.4" LED Double Alarm Clock With Night Light USB Charging Port 12 Hour Format Snooze Home Desk Electronic Alarm Clock

1.1.4" White LED display; 2.12 hour time format 3.Display brightness control; 4.Light dimmer control 5.9 minute snooze; 6.1X1A USB charging port 7. Double alarm 8.Double light 9.2xAAA battery back up (battery not supplied)

LED Digital 10W QI Wireless Charger USB Port Dimmer NightLight Fold Alarm Clock

1.1.4' White LED Display 2.10W QI wireless charger 3.3 Levels Nightlight control (100%、50%、20%、OFF) 4.3 Levels display dimmer control 5.5V 1A USB Charging port 6.100 degree foldable clock 7.USB wire is included
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